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PHSA Trans Health Future Directions live broadcast feed – May 2, 2015

TAS received the following letter today from the Provincial Health Services Authority:


Provincial Health Services Authority would like to remind you of the full day session: Trans Health Future Directions happening Saturday May 2nd.  The event is now full, however we would like to invite guests to please join us via our a live broadcast feed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yveUxvVe9w (Note: this seems to be a scrubbed version released on 12 June 2015 and not the original live feed).

This is an opportunity for us to share the provincial service planning recommendations that have been developed, build relationships with other professionals and organizations, and most importantly to engage in meaningful dialogue to improve health services.


  1. Share what work has been completed to date and identify if there are any major gaps
  2. Build shared commitment between the trans community and health care system providers to improve service delivery
  3. Foster the trans community network (creating connections) 

This event will not include any decision-making or announcements regarding services.

 Agenda for the Event Day:

0930 – 1000 Registration
1000 – 1005 Logistics
1005 – 1015 Blessing from First Nations elder
1015 – 1030 Kick off and welcome messages
1030 – 1105 Context, plan and principles
1105 – 1130 Facts and information
1130 – 1300 Working group presentations
1300 – 1425 Lunch and community networking/resource activity
1425 – 1450 Working group presentations continued
1450 – 1610 Question and answer session
1610 – 1620 Conclusion

A website has been developed for this project and can be found at http://www.phsa.ca/about/special-projects/transgender.  Questions regarding the Trans Health Future Directions event or questions in general can be sent to transgender@phsa.ca.  Feedback regarding the recommendations will be accepted until May 9th, 2015.


Arden Krystal
Chief Operating Officer
Provincial Health Services Authority
Vanessa Barron
Consultant, Clinical Transformation
Provincial Health Services Authority

Thank You Letter To MLA S. Chandra Herbert

This letter was sent to MLA S. Chandra Herbert on 04 November, 2014, to thank him for his ongoing support of trans* persons in BC and for specifically supporting the healthcare needs of Transgender and gender-variant persons in BC after the 02 November, 2014 BC Trans Day of Advocacy. Working closely with Trans Alliance Society (TAS) chair Morgane Oger, a transgender advocate and one of the organizers of the day of action event, MLA S. Chandra Herbert further challenged the minister of health by writing a letter asking for a number of changes to medical care for trans* persons in BC including the formation of a provincial-level trans healthcare authority where transgender and gender-variant persons are stakeholder and decision makers rather than just consumers.

From: “Morgane Oger – TAS Chair”
Sent: November-04-14 2:52 PM
To: “Chandra Herbert.MLA, Spencer”
Cc: “chair – TAS” , “secretary – TAS”, “treasurer – TAS”

Subject: re: This is a good day

Fri 11/7/2014 1:53 PM

Good afternoon Mr Chandra Herbert,

I am writing to you as the chair of the Trans Alliance Society (TAS).
As you know, TAS has been working since 2000 to advocate for and support transgender persons in BC and  throughout Canada.
I am happy to share in your satisfaction and voice our gratitude for your tireless efforts in supporting justice and equality for LGBTQ persons in BC. It takes many tireless voices to get change like this implemented and we are making encouraging progress.
The Trans Alliance Society is very much encouraged by the about face announced by Health Minister Terry Lake yesterday. We are especially encouraged by the promise to make a province-wide transgender health program and have it developed via meaningful consultation and oversight from the transgender community.
TAS is well aware that provincial and health officials have made promises to the transgender community before and that a press release is not the same thing as actual change. The transgender community is concerned that the announcement may amount to little more than preemptive firefighting to diffuse the impact of our highly effective BC Trans Advocacy Day Workshop which TAS helped organize for Sunday Nov 2, 2014 where over 100 transgender persons met to decide how we will pressure Government to give us the health care we are due and very badly need.
If there is any opportunity to help Trans Alliance Society get a seat at the table when it is time to discuss oversight, we would be eager to participate in the process. In fact, we believe that the provincial transgender health program needs to be under the authority of a board with at least 50% transgender and gender-variant persons.  Health strategies need to be based on partnerships rather than merely oversight.
We thank you for your long work helping trans people in BC and know you’ll keep up the pressure on the health ministry to ensure that this announcement by the Health Minister turns into actions and results.
(BC trans advocacy day website: http://bctransadvocacyday.com/)
Morgane Oger
Chair, Trans Alliance Society